The Chialingosaurus was one of the herbivorous dinosaurs that are classified under the family of the Stegosauridae and suborder Stegosauria. The Chialingosaurus was one of the oldest parts of the Stegosaur species that lived 160 years ago.

Key facts

Chialingosaurus pronunciationThe name Chialingosaurus is pronounced as, “Chee-a-ling-o-sore-us”.
What does Chialingosaurus mean?Chialingosaurus kuani means “lizard from Chiangli”, which was the place that the dinosaur was found and kuani is the name that honors the person who discovered the fossil of the Chialingosaurus.
Dinosaur typeSauropod
On the menuHerbivore
Length4 meters (13 ft)
HeightAbout 1.5 meters (4 ft)
Weight330-881 lb (150-400 kg)
Life expectancyThere are not enough specimens yet to measure the life expectancy of a Chialingosaurus, but some scientists have concluded that it has the same life span as the apatosaurus and diplodocus dinosaurs which were around 70-80 years.
Legs used to get aroundDue to the extensive studies surrounding the Chialingosaurus, there are no records yet if the Chialingosaurus was bipedal, like the Stegosaurus.
Estimated top speedUnlike other dinosaurs, animals from the Stegosauria suborder were said to have a slower gait. Some sources cite the speed range as 3.7-4.3 mph (6-7 kph). But, there is no evidence yet if the same applies to the Chialingosaurus.
When they livedThe Chialingosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic Period, which was about 160 million years ago.
Where they have been found?The fossils of the Chialingosaurus were found near the Chialing River present in South China.

When & Where

The fossils of the Chialingosaurus were found and collected by geologist Kuan in 1957. Two years later, the dinosaur was named by paleontologist Yang Zhongjian, also known as C.C. Young after working greatly with the specimens that were found. 

Size & Weight

As there are not enough pieces of evidence found that can determine how big and how long a Chialingosaurus was, studies suggest that as this type of dinosaur was a herbivore, it was concluded that the Chialingosaurus only grew up to be 13 feet long or 4 meters long, and weighing only 150 kg, which is much smaller than the Stegosaurus.

Mobility & Diet

Since the Chialingosaurus belong to the group of Stegosauridae, scientists explained that they are also herbivores, which means they feed on plant materials. During the Late Cretaceous, it was believed that ferns and cycads were its origin primary meal because of their availability.

Interesting Points

  • The Chialingosaurus lived around 160 million years ago during the Late Jurassic Era, much before the predominant stegosaurus have been born. 
  • The Chialingosaurus is mainly interpreted as a genus that contains the species of a Chialingosaurus kuani. 
  • The bones of this dinosaur were first found near south China.
  • Aside from being one of the oldest known stegosaurus, this discovery of the Chialingosaurus was also the very first discovery that was described in China.