Cedarpelta by NHM


Cedarpelta was the first dinosaur to be discovered near the Price River in Carbon County, Utah. While visiting the surrounding … Read more

Gobisaurus by Foolp


The Gobisaurus is a unique ankylosaur that inhabited China during the Early Cretaceous period. Its generic name means “Gobi Lizard,” … Read more

Hylaeosaurus by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins


Hylaeosaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur from the late Valanginian stage of the Early Cretaceous era of England. Its name is … Read more

Gargoyleosaurus by Conty


The Gargoyleosaurus was a small-sized dinosaur that lived in the Late Jurassic era about 150 million years ago. Its fossils … Read more

Ankylosaurus by Emily Willoughby


The Ankylosaurus is a genus of armoured dinosaurs that lived during the Late Cretaceous period. It was herbivorous and is … Read more

Tuojiangosaurus by Paleocolour


The Tuojiangosaurus was a huge dinosaur believed to have lived in the Upper Shaximiao Formation in China, present-day Sichuan Province. … Read more

Wuerhosaurus by Debivort


Wuerhosaurus was one of the last stegosauridae to have roamed the earth. It lived during the early Cretaceous period in … Read more

Nobu Tamura by Hesperosaurus


The Hesperosaurus is a stegosaurian dinosaur from the late Jurassic, approximately 150 million years ago. It is compared to the … Read more

Chungkingosaurus by NHM


The Chungkingosaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur from the Upper Shaximiao Formation in modern-day China. It lived during the late Jurassic … Read more

Kentrosaurus by NobuTamura


The Kentrosaurus is a primitive stegosaurus dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Period. It was discovered in the Lindi Region of … Read more