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Illustration depicting a prehistoric scene with three Coelophysis dinosaurs and several Peteinosaurus pterosaurs. The Coelophysis are shown in a lush, green forest with mountains in the background. The pterosaurs are flying in the sky, adding to the dynamic nature of the scene.

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Fossils & Dino News

A display of fossilized dinosaur eggs belonging to the species Macroelongatoolithus xixiaensis. The eggs are arranged in a circular nest formation, embedded in a sandy matrix. The preserved details of the eggs, including their elongated shapes and textures, provide insight into the nesting behavior and reproductive biology of dinosaurs

Digging Up History: How Dinosaur Fossils Are Formed?

A display of fossilized dinosaur eggs. The exhibit showcases several eggs, each with distinct textures and colors, ranging from dark gray to light brown. The eggs are arranged in a row on a soft, illuminated surface, allowing visitors to observe their preserved details closely. The exhibit is housed in a museum setting, with soft lighting highlighting the ancient relics.