The Rhoetosaurus was a sauropod dinosaur that lived during the Middle Jurassic Era, around 177 million years ago. This dinosaur only had one specimen-Rhoetosaurus brownei.

Key facts

Rhoetosaurus pronunciationReet-oh-sore-us
What does Rhoetosaurus mean?Rhoetan Lizard or Lizard of Rhoetus
Dinosaur typeSauropod
On the menuHerbivore
Length39′ 4″- 49′ 2″ (12-15 meters)
Height23′ (7 meters)
Weight19000 lbs (9000 kg)
Life expectancyAbout 100 years
Legs used to get aroundQuadrupedal
Estimated top speedUnknown
When they lived177-169 million years ago
Where they have been found?Queensland, Australia

When & Where

In 1924, the remains of the Rheotosaurus were discovered by a paleontologist named Heber Longman. The remains were found in the Walloon Coal Measures at the Durham Downs Station near Roma, Central Queensland. The remains included 22 vertebrae of the dinosaur’s tail and 16 bones in the body.

Size & Weight

Rhoetosaurus may have possibly reached a length of 39’- 49′ (12-15 meters), a height of 23′ (7 meters), and a weight of up to 19,000 lbs (9,000 kg).

Mobility & Diet

A diet full of plant materials including Araucaria conifers, ferns, and seeds.

Interesting Points

  • Considered one of the best-known sauropods found in Australia.
  • There has only been one specimen found by paleontologists.

Featured Image Credit: Queensland Government