The Gallimimus was a theropod that belonged to the family Ornithomimidae, which comprises dinosaurs that have the same characteristics close to modern-day ostriches. It lived in present-day Mongolia about 70 million years ago.

Key facts

Gallimimus pronunciationIts name is pronounced as “gal-lee-MEEM-us”.
What does Gallimimus mean?The name Gallimimus came from the Latin bulla, which refers to the gold capsule or gold necklace worn by the Roman youth. The name was given to describe the spherical structure at the base of the dinosaur’s skull.
Dinosaur typeTheropod
On the menuOmnivore
Length8 meters (26 feet)
Height2 meters (6.6 feet) at the hip
Weight160-440kg (352-970 lbs)
Life expectancyThe exact life expectancy of this dinosaur is not known. According to studies, this genus was expected to live until 10-20 years if not hunted by other predators.
Legs used to get aroundJust like other theropods, the Gallimimus was bipedal and used its two hind legs to walk and run and the two front limbs to grasp food.
Estimated top speedThe Gallimimus is considered to be one of the fastest dinosaurs, and could probably run up to 30 mph or 48.3 kph.
When they livedThe Gallimimus lived during the Late Cretaceous Period about 70 million years ago.
Where they have been found?The remains of the Gallimimus were found in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

When & Where

In the 1970s, in the Gobi Desert, in the country of Mongolia, the fossil remains of the Gallimimus were found by the Polish-Mongolian expeditions. During its discovery, several fossils in different stages were also found and in 1972, the fossil that was found was named by paleontologists Rinchen Barsbold, Halszka Osmólska, and Ewa Roniewicz. The only known species of the Gallimimus is the Gallimimus bullatus, in which the name was derived from the Latin bulla, which refers to the golden capsule worn by Roman youths.

Size & Weight

According to studies, the Gallimimus was one of the largest ornithomimosaurs, or dinosaurs that had the same characteristics as birds, and weighed 160-440kg (352-970 lbs). The Gallimimus can also reach up to 8 meters (26 feet) long, and 2 meters (6.6 feet) at the hip. 

Mobility & Diet

With the Gallimimus’ small, toothless head, it is believed that they probably had a diet of insects, small animals, eggs, and maybe even some plants. They had a much longer neck than any other theropod dinosaur.

Interesting Points

  • This genus existed from Turonian Age to 66 million years ago.
  • The Gallimimus main habitats are deserts.
  • Had an omnivorous diet.
  • Just like other dinosaurs, they reproduced by laying eggs.
  • 25 different specimens have been found by paleontologists.
  • Although dubbed a “chicken mimic”, the Gallimimus dinosaur was actually a lot heavier than a chicken. It was around three times taller than a human and weighs up to 160-440kg (352-970 lbs). The Gallimimus also had a brain only about the size of a golf ball.