Ampelosaurus by ДиБгд


Ampelosaurus is a member of the suborder Sauropod and is a Titanosaur. It is believed that it went extinct around … Read more

Diabloceratops by Conty


Diabloceratops was a Ceratopsidae, a member of the subfamily Ceratopsidae. It was a medium-sized ceratop with a moderate build and … Read more

Coronosaurus by Nobu Tamura


Coronosaurus was a medium-sized hadrosaurid dinosaur that was a genus of centrosaurine ceratopsian dinosaurs living around 77 million years ago. … Read more

Condorraptor by FunkMonk


Condorraptor was from the family Pianitzkysauridae, living in the Jurassic period 180 to 168 million years ago. Its first fossil … Read more

Cetiosaurus by Ghedo


Cetiosaurus was a plant-eating sauropod, a member of the family Cetiosauridae. Its fossil remains were first discovered in England.  Key … Read more

Bellusaurus by Debivort


Bellusaurus was a plant-eating Sauropod that belonged to the family Mamenchisauridae. The first fossil remains were recovered In China.  Key … Read more

Bambiraptor by PaleoEquii


Bambiraptor was a vicious meat-eating dinosaur that came from the group of dinosaurs known as Dromaeosaurs. It had feathers similar … Read more

Albertadromeus by Levi bernardo


Albertadromeus was an ornithopod that was a member of the family Parksosauridae. It was first discovered in 2009 by Dr. … Read more

Amazonsaurus by DarkWerewolf


Amazonsaurus was a sauropod member of Rebbachisauridae. Fossil remains were first discovered along the plains of Brazil.  Key Facts Domain … Read more

Agujaceratops by Kunz & Slater


Agujaceratops was a member of the family Ceratops which also came from the subfamily of Chasmosaurinae. This genus has been … Read more